ClearView is a multi award-winning Business Continuity Management (BCM) software platform. The integrated SaaS and mobile application supports the entire BCM lifecycle, as identified by industry standards such as ISO 22301. Using ClearView, key BCM components, such as Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, Plan Development including Maintenance and Approval, Plan Exercising and Incident Management including notification are all available on your PC, tablet and any type of smartphone.

All these elements are embedded in a BCM policy compliance workflow engine. ClearView is the ideal solution for both the BCM Manager and the users in the organization. The intuitive ‘wizard-like’ questionnaire tools support a self-service approach, resulting in higher user engagement, better quality plans and most importantly, effective execution during incidents.  By using ClearView, resilience during and after an incident will increase to unprecedented levels.


ClearView is a global leader in BCM software, with international clients in all sectors and in all regions.


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Continuity and Resilience Provider: BCI Europe


BCM Planning Software of the Year: CIR

Continuity and Resilience Provider: BCI Middle East


CIR: shortlisted in four different catagories


Global Best BCM Planning Software – CIR The Business Continuity Awards (fifth time!)

The judges praised the software for its role in helping organisations of all sizes in all parts of the world to achieve their BCM objectives; delivered and supported by a team with significant industry knowledge and with excellent customer service.

Continuity and Resilience Provider (Service/Product) – BCI Europe

The Awards are judged by an independent panel, who found ClearView to be an outstanding product that provides to good practice within the industry, as well as one that is well supported and well received by its clients. The Chair of the BCI, James McAlister commented on the extremely positive feedback from clients on the exceptional service received plus the quality of a software platform with flexibility to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes in all sectors.

Business Continuity and Resilience Provider – BCI Asia


Best Planning Software – DRII 2016


Best Planning Software – DRI 2015

Continuity and Resilience Provider (product) – BCI Asia

Continuity and Resilience Innovation – BCI Asia

Global Best BCM Planning Software – CIR The Business Continuity Awards




ClearView was designed from the ground up for managing your Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and to help organizations nurture a culture of resilience without being an unwelcome intrusion into the day-to-day work life of the business users who must contribute to the planning process. This tension between sophisticated plans based upon a deep understanding of the organization on the one hand; and simple, unobtrusive, intuitive planning on the other, is uniquely and brilliantly solved by ClearView.

Clients are offered unmatched flexibility in the development of the ‘wizard-like’ questionnaires that are distributed to users. This means that even complex, global businesses can accommodate BCM needs in a single tool without costly custom developments. ClearView’s modernity and flexibility means that it helps clients comply with BCM best practice and corporate standards, while facing the inevitable need for greater cost-efficiencies.


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