Business Continuity Management is not a very sexy subject, let’s be honest about that. Neither is Crisis Management, although many organizations do have spend time, money and effort to get that in place … maybe because they ‘had to’? When organization do have these management efforts in place it is essential that all people in the organization or at least a specific subset, are aware of its existence and knows its content. To make this ‘the best kept secret’ in the organization is not a good plan.

E-LEARNING is absolutely the best way to create awareness and share knowledge in your organization plus it’s fun to do.

Panta Ray has developed a number of educational, easy-to-use courses in English. bcm+ is here to assist you with any special requirements or customizations to ensure the best user experience. For instances an interactive Business Continuity course of 45 minutes with a reward at the end … a personalized certificate. This will also be of great benefit to you if you are an ISO 22301:2019 certified organization or if you otherwise need to show proof of competence and awareness to auditors, specific authorities or regulators. There are also courses related to Crisis Management, Information Security and Supply Chain Continuity available.


Introduction to Business Continuity


The course provides an introduction the fundamental concepts of business continuity.

After on overview on the most common causes of disruption for organizations and the impact categories an interruption could lead to, the course will discuss how business continuity is integrated in the broader context of organizational resilience.

The core of the course will focus on the 6 professional phases of the business continuity management lifecycle.

Firstly, it will cover the importance of the Business Continuity Policy and top management’s support, along with the integration of its principles in the organizational culture. Next, it will discuss the Analysis phase, thanks to which an organization can establish its recovery priorities. Consequently, the course moves on to discuss the definition of the business continuity strategies and plans. Finally, the course will cover the validation of a Business Continuity Management System and its relationship with supply chain management.

Throughout the course, the user will be asked to interact and answer the quizzes proposed on the topics presented, offering a dynamic and engaging experience.


All courses are ready to go, but fully customizable. For example, they can be branded with your corporate colours for seamless integration in your e-learning platform. Customization can also be provided to adjust the content of our courses to your specific training needs and if required translated into Dutch. If you don’t have an e-learning platform, no problem, you can use our platform.

Visit the Panta Ray site and scroll down to the courses – Press the i button on each course to view its trailer and description, like Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Supply Chain Continuity.


Are you interested? Just go to the CONTACT page, fill in your details and we will get in touch …. You won’t regret it, that’s a promise.

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